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Research on pollution reduction, environment improvement and natural disasters reductio...

Services Research
Location Danang City, Quang Ngai Province
Period  1 month
State Finished

Climate change and rapid development in industry have affected negatively to natural environment, however, consequences of natural disasters and pollution itself is a strong motive pushing us to look for technological solutions to reduce damage and improve the environment with following criteria: quality, economy and efficiency. VNVN experts are provided with Vetiver grass technology to reduce erosion, landslide and solve environment pollution. Coordinating with Danang University of Pedagogy, VNVN is deploying scientific research on Vetiver grass to develop applications of this natural material on construction and waste treatment. With target of hosting successfully International Conference Vetiver 6th, conducted in Danang in 2015, we are working and researching to equip ourselves with knowledge and capacity, ready to greet top experts on Vetiver grass to attend.


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