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Coordinate with Portcoast Corperation to hold the seminar: “Vetiver system applications...

Location Portcoast Cooperation
Time January 2012  

The seminar: “ Vetiver System application in riverbank – channel protection”  held by the cooperation of VNVN and Portcoast Corperation attracted the participations from Dr Paul Truong –TVNI Director in Asia & Pacific, Dr. Tran Tan Van – Director of Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources, Director of VNVN, Mr.Shantanoo Bhattacharyya – Coordinator of Eastern India Vetiver Network as well as some of national & international experts.
 All of the presentations proved that Vetiver has strong abiltity to restrict landslide and erosion. The topics focus on Vetiver applications in riverbank protection, landslides mitigation and the development of Vietnam Vetiver network. With many large-scale projects related to embankment that Portcoast  has been performed,  the application of Vetiver  -  a "miracle grass" - has attracted the attention of the technical staff to attend this technical seminars.


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