Brunei land stability

Land stabilisation and pollution control | Brunie Vetiver Network

Projects in Chile

Phytoremediation of copper mines tailings at Codelco and Anglo American mines|Fundacion Chile, Santiago, Chile (2005-2007)

Đánh giá của chương trình toàn cầu

Alpenidze, Irma, Elise Pinners, Roshanga Wikremesinge và Sam Boering, 12/2010. Đánh giá của chương trình toàn cầu HAI, 07/2009 đến 03/2010.

Dự án ở Úc

Ổn định dốc, kiểm soát xói mòn và trầm tích trên một thoát nước lớn dọc theo đường cao tốc Logan, Bristane, Úc.

Projects in China

Highway and railway batter stabilisation | Fujian and Jiang Xi Provinces. Landfill leachate treatment in Guangzhou | Guangdong Province. Riverbank stabilisation | Guangxi and Anhui Provinces. Treating polluted water in lakes | Yunnan Province.

Projects in Congo

Land rehabilitation, erosion and sediment control and road batter stabilisation | USAID, Washington DC

Projects in India

Treating and disposing of highly contaminated landfill leachate and sewage effluent | Punjab and Kerala states

Projects in Indonesia

Pollution and erosion control for Riau Pulp (paper Pulp manufacturer) | Sumatra. Pollution and erosion control in the Citarum Bassin | Java, Indonesia for Asian Development Bank

Projects in Italy

Treating and disposing of sewage effluent | Sicily. Mine tailings rehabilitation | Sardenia

Projects in Kuwait

Land rehabilitation, erosion, sediment control and wastewater treatment and disposal | Kuwait Foundation for the Advance of Sciences

Coastal dune stabilisation in Central Vietnam, Tran tan Van, Elise Pinners and Paul Truong, 2009

Coastal dune stabilisation in Central Vietnam, Tran tan Van, Elise Pinners and Paul Truong, 2009,


Prof. Paul Truong

After finishing Ph.D. in Agronomy at the University of Queensland, Australia in 1968, Professor Paul Truong became the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Can Tho University. Since 1975, he returned to Australia and taught at the University of Queensland. For many years, he  has devoted his life to research and study the applications of Vetiver System (VS) in the field of environmental protection. His  pioneering research on Vetiver grass tolerance to adverse conditions, heavy metal tolerance and pollution control has established the benchmark for VS applications in toxic wastes, mine rehabilitation and  wastewater treatment, for which he has won several World Bank and the King of Thailand Awards and was enrolled in the "Southeast Asian celebrity." He was also a representative of Queensland in the Australian National Council on research and development methods of plants in saline soil areas, each in charge of plant application programs to combat soil erosion for Queensland. Many his valuable scientific reports have been  published and translated into different languages ​​around the world.

Currently, Prof. Paul Truong is the Director of The Vetiver Network International, responsible for Asia and Pacific Region, and the Director of the Veticon Consulting.


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